Monday, January 30, 2012

BA Falls In Championship Game

In the Championship Game, Bridgton Academy faced off against St. Thomas Moore in what promised to be a competitive match up. Right away, Bridgton took the lead and held it for most of the first half. St. Thomas Moore took advantage of Bridgton's lead and made a few baskets to take a 34-33 lead going into the second half. Once Bridgton lost their lead, it was anyone's game. As the teams traveled up and down the court, the score went back and forth. With 2:36 left in the game Jarryn Skeete (Toronto, ONT) lessened St. Thomas Moore's lead to 55-51. Bridgton continued the fight until the end, but St. Thomas Moore was able to hang onto their lead for a 58-53 win in the 2012 Wolverine Winter Classic- Coaches vs. Caner.

Thank you to all fans who came out to support not only the Wolverines, but the American Cancer Society as well!

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tootallmama said...

Good match! Can't win em all.
I enjoyed the BA spirit at the Home Tournament. Great weekend all in all.
Keep working hard!