Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bridgton Wins NEPSAC Championship!

Bridgton Academy squared off with top seeded South Kent School on Sunday night in what was sure to be a very exciting NEPSAC Class A Championship game. South Kent came in the favorites having won 15 games in a row, two of which coming over the Wolverines during the regular season.

The Cardinal jumped out to an early 22-7 lead over Bridgton, however the Wolverines fought back with a 19-8 run of their own to make it 30-26 South Kent. The Cardinal however answered with a 15-6 run before stretching their lead up to 15 at 55-40 heading into halftime.

Shortly before the midpoint of the second half and trailing by 19 points, the Wolverines put together yet another run, this time outscoring South Kent 19-6 to bring the lead to within 4 at 68-72. Bridgton still wasn't done yet as they took their first lead of the game 78-77, on a Malik Stith (Long Island, NY) layup with 5:01 to play capping a 10-0 run.

With the momentum clearly favoring Bridgton, the Wolverines combined some key stops and scores pulling away from a tie game at 82-82 to capture their 4th NEPSAC Championship in the last 5 years winning 89-85.

Carl Blair (Katy, TX) led the charge with 25 points, Malik Stith followed with 18 points, and Jack Houpt (Chesterton, IN) added 10 points.

When asked for his thoughts after the game Wolverines Head Coach Whit Lesure said, "I Couldn't be happier for our guys, and those whose support for our program has meant a great deal"

The feat of 4 NEPSAC titles in 5 years hasn't been done in almost 30 years. "The history certainly isn't lost on me, but those guys are more into Gucci, Zoro, and Taylor Swift then history, and frankly me too" he added.

When asked how this championship compares to the first three Lesure replied, "It was certainly the most thrilling and probably most dramatic of our Championship runs. I don't want to single out individual players because I think this one is owed more to collective heart. It's good stuff, that's for sure."

Game MVP Malik Stith putting up a jumper.

Stith driving the hole.

Carl getting fouled going to the basket.

Making the trip to the line count.

Coach keeping the team on task.

Jamal putting up the final shot to go up 89-85.

BA gets the win!

The final score- Bridgton Academy 89 - South Kent 85.

Your 2009 NEPSAC Champs.

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